Nonwovens Research

Research Students

Pointbonded spunbond SEM

The Nonwovens Research Group attracts researchers from all over the world and activities are multidisciplinary.


Hamidreza Arouni – water droplet removal in high performance fuels.

Montu Basak – new strategies for the depletion of malodorous molecules.

Irene Bendler – nonwoven materials in clothing.

Pendo Bigambo – fibre science.

Sophie Bulman – new antimicrobials  for nonwoven fabrics.

Baljeet Dhillon – absorbent hygiene fabrics.

Amanda Doyle – collagen nonwovens.

Miyu Du – nanostructured nonwovens.

Nicholas Edwards – disruption of biofilms.

Matthew Fuller – naturally-derived insulation.

Andrew Furnas – mechanics of conformability and drape in nonwovens.

Robabeh Gharaei – peptide inclusion.

Birthe Lang – affinity membranes in blood filtration.

Alaa Memari – mechanics of particle removal in wiping.

Tom O’Haire – forcespun membranes.

Phannaphat Phromphen – fibre science.

Matthew Tipper – water dispersible fabrics.

Yiyi Wang – fibre science.

Ross Ward – novel personal protective equipment.

Thomas Wright – high modulus nonwoven assemblies.

Junyu Zhu – fibre science and technology.

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