Nonwovens Research Group


The Nonwovens Research Group (NRG) conducts fundamental and applied research on the production, structure and properties of nonwoven fabrics. The process-structure-property relationships and modelling of nonwoven materials continues to underpin research in the Group. The Group is led by Prof. Stephen J. Russell and involves multi-disciplinary collaborations both nationally and internationally. The research brings together PhD research students and research fellows with many different backgrounds, including textiles, materials science, chemistry, mathematics, design, nursing and engineering.

Industrial product development, innovation and commercialisation activities in nonwovens are managed by The Nonwovens Innovation and Research Institute (NIRI), a dedicated University spin-out Company founded in 2005.

We are a founding member of the Nonwovens Network, which has over 170 industry members and supports research dissemination and continuing professional education of industry personnel through its annual events and training programmes. The Network also provides a forum for technical discussion of generic issues in the industry.

Research in nonwovens is a major contributor to activities in The Clothworkers’ Centre for Textile Materials Innovation for Healthcare (CCTMIH), which is addressing unmet patient needs in woundcare, infection control, blood filtration and incontinence, amongst other areas.

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